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Dream Lion

Dream Lion Incense

Dream Lion Incense

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White Box: This nine treasures Is a rich blend of pinyon, sandalwood, trementia resin this dream lion original is a personal favorite and is Calming, relaxing, and purifying.

Green Box: Is made of premium white dessert sage, Mayan copal resin, and blended with red sandal wood and pinyon An earthy and uplifting purifying scent.

Beige Box: Creative imagination. Rich blend of benzoin resin, sandal wood, wild rose petals and pinon.A beautiful and unique scent. Calming relaxing and brings clarity for a creative imagination.

Black Box: The wish granter incense made of sandalwood, Palo Santo, and frankincense combines for a gentle purifying uplifting scent

All hand made in Austin Texas. 

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