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Temple Copal

Copal Incense

Copal Incense

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“COPAL is an ancient aromatic resin derived from the sap or “blood” of the Bursera tree hardened over time in contact with the air. Burned ceremonially by Mesoamerican cultures for cleansing, healing, and divine energy, WHITE copal is believed sacred and highly-valued for its purifying properties & scarcity as a “wild harvest” sap. 

 Copal has been used in rituals, celebrations, and offerings tracing back thousands of years to sacred sites and the temples of Mexico and Central America. In honor of these ancient cultures TEMPLE COPAL invites you to calm and connect with the divine, offering 100% Pure Sacred WHITE Copal resin incense sticks. Handcrafted in Mexico & supporting indigenous cultures.”


We offer the purest & highest-quality copal resin available. Exposed to the air longer, our copal hardens from a yellow sap-like state to a white rock-like resin. This maturity gives it a more potent piney aroma and a powerful clearing & cleansing ability. Where others claim to be white copal, we truly hold the standard, valuing quality and transparency.

Additionally our sacred sticks are hand-dipped fully-coated in the pure resin. We do not “cut” our copal by adding any filler material, nor do we drizzle or dust apply our copal onto the stick.

TEMPLE COPAL is 100% Pure Ceremonial-Grade White Copal - no fillers, no additives, no skimping on the resin. Each stick offers a 90+ minute burn time; put-out and re-light as you wish.

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